5th International Symposium on Deep-Sea Corals 2012 Statoil Introduction In the last decade the global presence of deep sea, cold-water corals in a range of ocean margin  settings has been established, and is still being expanded. Associated with the corals is the presence of huge carbonate mound structures and deep sea reefs which contain unique records and a detailed history of ambient ocean water conditions over periods of rapid climate change. The coral reefs and  mounds form very rich benthic habitats, of spectacular biodiversity, housing more coral species in  deep cold-waters than in tropical coral reefs. Because of their function as a nursery for commercially  important fisheries, in combination with increasing environmental pressures, the cold-water corals,  reefs and mounds are seriously threatened and management and policy making is a must. The 5th International Deep Sea Coral Symposium addresses new developments and knowledge  through a range of themes and topics and will take place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands from 1-7  April, 2012.   Host and Support ISDSC 5 is hosted and organized by the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (Royal NIOZ),  with considerable support from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and  other European, American and international Organisations, as well as by sponsors. We look forward to a very successful Symposium and to meeting you in Amsterdam.  Scope The ISDSC has become the major conference for all aspects of cold-water coral research. Crossing  the boundaries between marine geology, biology, chemistry and physics, the meeting will address  key scientific issues such as ecosystem functioning, biodiversity, environmental forcing factors, coral  carbonate mound initiation,  and their role in past and present biogeography, deep-water reef  development and diagenesis as well as more applied aspects including (potential)  reservoir  capacities of carbonate mounds (under past and present constraints) and the effects of climate  change. All these issues will be discussed in a global context alongside dedicated science-policy  interface sessions outlining the most recent developments in management and conservation. Background ISDSC 5 is the fifth of a series of science-driven, non-commercial symposia concerning Deep Sea  Corals and Carbonate Mounds and Reefs, and follows upon earlier meetings in Halifax (Canada),  Erlangen (Germany), Miami (USA) and Wellington (New Zealand). ISDSC 5 will host workshops of  pan-European and Trans-Atlantic Coral Ecosystems Study groups. Deadline abstract submission Proceedings of the conference: June 15th 2012 Video clip of ISDSC 5 LATEST NEWS 1-6 April 2012, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Image in the right top corner: USGS DISCOVRE 2008 Statoil NIOZ NWO Shell KNDV Deco Geophysical NOAA IAS Ifremer CoCaRDE Kongsberg