5th International Symposium on Deep-Sea Corals 2012 Statoil Keynote Lectures  Each day will start with a keynote speaker addressing the theme of that day. The afternoon starts with an invited  topical talk, by a young scientist. A third  keynote speaker at the end of the  afternoon will include a critical review and  outlook of the contributions presented,  combining the recent state of the art with  the presented results. The time allocated for keynote lectures is  25 minutes, followed by a discussion of 5  minutes. For a list of keynote speakers  and titles, click here ...  Oral presentations  To encourage as much lively interaction  and discussion as possible, the time  allocated for oral contributions will be  limited to 15-minutes slots (12 minutes  presentation and 3 minutes discussion).  We will stick to the current ISDSC practice  of plenary sessions. Please bring your talk  on an USB-stick.  Poster presentations  Posters will be on display during the entire  duration of the conference. Two thematic  poster sessions will be held on Tuesday  and Thursday afternoon. Time will be  allocated during the poster sessions for  short poster presentations by the authors. Each presenter is provided with a 2 m  high and 1 m wide poster board. Push pins and other materials are available during  the conference. Posters can be mounted  on Monday and must be removed on  Friday after the last session. Outstanding poster award  Young scientists are encouraged to  participate in the conference and to  submit a poster. At the end of the  conference prices for the best Student  poster will be awarded. Workshops Workshop on identification of deep-sea  corals from imagery data.   Read more ...  Sunday 1 April 2012 (08.30-17.30) Workshop ‘Identification of deep-sea corals from imagery data’ focusing on deep-water coral identification from imagery,  convened and organised  by Jaime Davies, Inge van den Beld, (Ifremer) in  association with the French Marine Protected Areas Agency, CoralFISH, NOAA and the University of Plymouth. (program Sunday) Registration (16.00-17.30) Monday 2 April 2012 (08.00-19.00) Registration at Artis Zoo Conference Centre Welcome and Introduction, Opening Scientific sessions (program Monday) Icebreaker Tuesday 3 April 2012 (09.00-18.00) Scientific sessions (program Tuesday) Poster session (Poster presentations Theme I and Theme II)/ Exhibits Wednesday 4 April 2012 (09.00-13.45) Scientific sessions (program Wednesday) Free afternoon [Excursion(s)] Thursday 5 April 2012 (09.00-18.00) Scientific session (program Thursday) Poster session (Poster presentations Theme III and Theme IV)/ Exhibits Conference diner (19.30, Restaurant ‘In de Waag’) Friday 6 April 2012 (9.00-18.00) Scientific session (program Friday) Closing ceremony ____________________ 1-6 April 2012, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Image in the right top corner: USGS DISCOVRE 2008