5th International Symposium on Deep-Sea Corals 2012 Statoil Student support ISDSC 5 supported the following students/early career scientists with an amount of 500 euro. S. Baillon Memorial University St. John's, Canada M. Biber Bangor University, Wales, UK J.P. Bilewitch University of Queensland, Australia E. Heestand University of Louisiana, USA S. Hennige Heriot-Watt University, UK L. Holland University of Exeter, UK L. Nunez Pons University of Barcelona, Spain K. Strzepek Australian National University, Australia M. Thierens AWI Bremerhaven, Germany A. Zilg University of North Carolina at Wilmington, USA 1-6 April 2012, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Image in the right top corner: USGS DISCOVRE 2008