5th International Symposium on Deep-Sea Corals 2012 Statoil Conference contributions addess Themes (1-4) and topics listed below, arranged from the present via the past into the future Present (1) Biodiversity and Ecosystem functioning (Biology, Ecology) Biodiversity and Biogeography Ecosystem dynamics and functioning, Coral Taxonomy Connectivity and genetics Coral Biology, Reproduction and Larval dispersal Feeding Strategy and foodweb structure Coral Communities and associated benthic habitats Experimental studies Present (2) Environmental conditions and constraints (Chemistry, Oceanography, Biology) Ocean circulation and conditions Hydrodynamics Food supply and forcing Particle fluxes and forcing Environmental constraints & Pressures Acidification Habitat characterisation, mapping, GIS applications In-situ and laboratory experiments, New Technology Past (3) Paleoceanography and climate change (Geology, Chemistry, Biology, Oceanography) Watermass proxies & reconstructions New geochemical proxies in deep sea corals Climate records from deep sea corals, mounds and reefs Coral Reef and Mound Archives Paleoproductivity Paleohabitats Reef and Mound structures in time and space Carbonate Systems and Diagenesis New tools and techniques Future (4)     Policy, Management and Conservation Pollution and threats National and international Management Conservation strategies Marine protected areas Predictive habitat mapping and modeling Threats and Anthropogenic impacts ______________________________ 1-6 April 2012, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Image in the right top corner: USGS DISCOVRE 2008